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Be it the Custom permanent or Leisure Residential or Commercial Resort Hospitality new or restoration, MCFelk Lighting & Design Group satisfies a great many needs when it comes to site reviews, planning, assessments, and lighting package facilitation, bringing a total solution to your lighting fixture, and lighting control requirements.

Submit to us your projects status and regional location for a quick no cost estimate of the amounts you would likely save guaranteed, or areas you could obtain payback.


As an advocate working on your behalf, we represent you only, no specific suppliers, or other services related to other than lighting fixtures be they factory direct/design, lighting components, controls, ceiling fans, in facilitating overall savings, convenience and complete satisfaction in the finished project.

With MC Felk Lighting & Design Group working on your behalf typical time and money spent on the following would be managed, saving huge:
  1. Discontinued part numbers 
  2. Non-Architect approved substitutions
  3. Limited sources and suppliers
  4. No site set up or product in place technical services or installation assistance
  5. Shortages and breakages requiring additional purchases
  6. Product returns and restocking charges
Just the above as is typical would add up to more than 25 to 30% alone in costly over runs not anticipated against total lighting project cost.
Your Labor time or third parties guessing any of the following below could result in costly change outs and or complete rework.
The following total turnkey lighting and design services are supplied in brief and would differ based on your sites specific needs.
 plan review


Site plan review and consultation:  

Description: A physical or virtual meeting intended to document and build value in overall savings regarding specific aspects of total building project related to such factors as site geometry, interior features, usage of space, physical or health limits plus energy savings.

 site plan assessment Site planning and documentation:
A review of site factors post initial plan review, taking measurements, reviewing site physical features prior to structural wiring and confirming desired physical themes, site health & safety issues, energy saving features, plus custom design options.
 photometric determination  

Site Photometric assessments:

By referring to site information an optional photometric determination is completed guaranteeing proper quantities and luminary types to fulfill energy code requirements and long-term energy cost recovery based on traditional approaches.
 custom design lighting Custom design features:
Based on interior or exterior architectural elements, custom design features to existing or new vendor products are configured as commissioned based on budget to proper scale with energy savings as designed.


Proposed Lighting plan layout: 
Proposal is presented detailing scope of work and total project as budgeted including all parts with designed commissions and energy efficient options.

 custom fixture detail

Custom and or vendor package confirmation and fulfillment:

Project confirmation results with vendor or custom fixtures and features confirmed. Materials deposit would initiate requisitioning and collection of project fixtures and parts.

Package Transfer and site set up:

Based on time line, requisitioned custom and or vendor parts would be delivered with optional site setup and technical installation assistance in region served.

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